Enjoy your living space

A friend’s son recently moved back home so that he could afford to go back to school. He would often leave the kitchen a mess after making a meal. Once they had a conversation about the importance of cleaning up after yourself so everyone could enjoy the space, they have been able to enjoy time together with few disagreements. He recognizes the importance of cleaning up after himself and keeping the shared space enjoyable!


erase bad thoughts!

Do you self-sabotage? Do you sometimes do the reverse of what you know you should be doing? Why? You know what to do, right? Neuroscience brings lights on this matter. Here are two parts of the brains that I will use to explain how it works.


Feeling stressed!?

Overwhelmed with the upcoming holidays?? Did you know that diffusing pure essential oils can help take that stress away!! A natural, non-toxic aroma can cleanse the air and maintain all of the emotions!!


Tips for Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Not Working for You? Improve Your Profile in Five Easy Steps!

Getting to be a Rockstar on LinkedIn is a lot easier when you show up well and it starts with having a good profile. More people than ever are searching for jobs and qualified people on LinkedIn and getting connected to professional opportunities and you want to make sure you’re seen.


Love Your Hobby? Here’s How to Turn it Into a Business

Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. While that’s what we are told, very few people do what they love as a career. That being said, it is completely feasible to turn your beloved hobby into a full-on career. Whether it’s pottery, fashion, cooking, sports or whatever else, there is a business opportunity out there waiting for you. 


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