Enjoy your living space

A friend’s son recently moved back home so that he could afford to go back to school. He would often leave the kitchen a mess after making a meal. Once they had a conversation about the importance of cleaning up after yourself so everyone could enjoy the space, they have been able to enjoy time together with few disagreements. He recognizes the importance of cleaning up after himself and keeping the shared space enjoyable!


everybody love everybody

If you’ve seen the movie “Semi-Pro,” you’ll know that everyone on the “Flint Tropics” basketball team doesn’t get along. So what does the main character Jackie Moon come up with? “Everybody Love Everybody!” Comedy or not, what a great slogan that we should all implement into our lives.


Confident Kids Make Competent Decisions

Do you know where this line came from? “You have chosen wisely.”

If you are over 40 and consider yourself a movie buff, you are proudly answering that it came from the movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


hush & listen

Carefully listen to what others are saying before you speak. Hear their full thought without interrupting.


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