Do not stop moving

Life is hard. We are learning that life during a pandemic is even harder.

Each of us is affected by the current world events and face some pretty daunting life challenges. Although it may seem that some have it better than others, we are all experience a wide array of emotions.  Our worries and fears are different, as each of us struggle with different stressors, some bigger than others, but all are valid regardless.

It’s important to acknowledge those worries, fears and stressors.  Recognize and name those feelings and give yourself permission to have them.  When we name that emotion, we claim it! Which can give us our power back and reduce the feeling of helplessness.  This small step can be a very powerful tool in regaining some element of control in our lives and propel us forward.  Moving forward is essential to overcoming life’s challenges.  Once we start moving forward, we can start to see some progress, and that little bit of progress can be the needed motivation to keep going.

Take time today to think about the emotions you are feeling right now, recognize them, name them, and own them.  Those are your first steps congratulations, you got this!

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