When life gives you lemons,

make lemonade

Tom Watson

“I went through a roller coaster of emotions throughout the presentation (laughter and tears)… Tom is a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker. His delivery encouraged, entertained and prompted those present to create their own personal sense of improvement.”
- Chris Nelson, Conference Organizer
“Tom’s content was really relevant and moving. He is a very powerful speaker with wonderful stories that draw you in. He is a true inspiration and was absolutely my favorite speaker of the day.”
- Anne Titcomb, Conference Attendee
“Thank you so very much for making the time to make a difference in my life and reaffirming that children are our future and deserve every opportunity that we can provide.”
- Bobbi Thomas, Conference Attendee
“In a nutshell, I was blown away.  I was very impressed with your presentation and very moved.”
- Mia Lee, Conference Attendee
“Your story is proof we do make a difference in these children’s lives, and they need us to believe in them. You have inspired me to be a better person everyday!”
- Kathy McMillan, Conference Attendee
“Your message was a gift to our staff at MEI Schools.”
- Dave Neufeld, MEI Senior High School

Dominique MacDonald

Dominique MacDonald is a wonderful and dynamic speaker. She is witty, funny and kept the audience engaged throughout her presentation. If you’re looking for a great time, a powerful speaker and someone who is a master of her trade look no further!
- Shauna JacksonCrabb, Assistant Manager
Dominique is an excellent presenter. She has a calm, clear, professional demeanor that resonates with a variety of audience members. Her presentations are concise, beautiful, and she focuses on providing information that's applicable and implementable. Dominique is qualified to speak on a variety of topics, and I unreservedly recommend her for your next event.
- Katie Crysdale, Principal
I had the privilege of attending a presentation of Dominique’s at the Red Cross Saskatchewan Manitoba Water Safety Conference. She was so well received by the audience. Dominique was engaging, extremely personable and spent extra time listening and interacting with the audience. She was full of energy and enthusiasm that was clearly demonstrated in her interactive session. Dominique shared her personal journey to choosing joy in her life. This session has led me to look for joy in every day of my life. Which in turn has inspired some of my staff to do the same. This is exactly what I want to happen when I attend conference sessions.
- Paula Thulin, Aquatic Centre Supervisor
Dynamic! This word comes to the forefront when I think of  the last time I watched Dominique present. She captivated me from the start of her speech through humor and kept me engaged throughout with her knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. I walked away feeling inspired.
- John Napier, Principal
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