Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the motherly types, you make our world a better place.

Mother’s day is a day that we set aside to celebrate our Mother’s. A time to appreciate ALL mother’s! Step Mother’s, Mother-in-Law’s, New Mother’s, Mother’s in waiting, Foster Mothers, Adoptive Mother’s, Single Mother’s, Mother’s with angel wings, and Mother’s with angels.

Mother’s help make our world a better place by helping to shape us into the person they know we can be.  They support us in achieving our goals and dreams and they comfort us when those dreams have set backs.  Mothers volunteer in our communities, at our schools, in our church, for our sports and arts. Mothers feed our bodies and our souls. Mothers support our friends and our friends mothers.

Don’t forget to appreciate all the Mom’s in your life, and that includes Aunts, Drag Mother’s, Father Mother’s, Team Mom’s, Dance Mom’s, Band Mom’s and the list goes on.

Our world is better place because you help make us better.

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