Firing The Unsavoury Client – The Right Way!

No one wants to fire a client. In business we all know it is hard work attracting and retaining clients –so the last thing most of us want to do is lose a client we already have in our client pool. But then again, there are nightmare clients who actually do more harm to your business than good and its these types of clients every businessman and business woman should avoid at all costs – including firing them if need be.


Customer Experience: It’s All In The Details

I’ve been doing some research into hidden costs of project management which led me to thinking about the hidden costs of a poor customer experience and what happens when process becomes king, trumping the customer experience. Let me start by telling you about the experience I had that I’m relating to.

I decided to start a trial of some software. Like so much software today, it’s cloud based, there’s a monthly subscription and I was given a one month free trial.  I won’t say who as I don’t really want to bad mouth them, I don’t think they are a bad company, they’re just falling prey to their process!


Fraud: Is Your Business At Risk?

Reverend Bobby thought it a bit strange when his wife, with her hand cupped over the phone, said that Sargent Willis was on the line and had some questions. Sargent Willis wasn’t a member of his congregation and the last time he could remember he had never had any cause for the police to want to ask him questions. He thought, “Did I run a red light and a traffic cam catch me,” he wondered.


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