When Letting Go Is Having It All

This has been a year of letting go. Letting go of how I used to define myself and what success meant to me.

In my workshops and keynotes I often share (and get many nods in agreement) how most of my professional life I had an ongoing checklist of things I had to accomplish in order to “be” successful. If you’re nodding in agreement as well, then you know the moment we check off one of those boxes we usually just add a new one to replace it. Feel me? Before we know it, years have passed, we’ve succeeded tremendously as we’ve checked off our boxes, and yet the feeling of fulfillment still escapes us, or quickly fades.

After taking countless mindful moments to uncover and understand my own patterns as well as those of countless professionals and executives I’ve worked with, what I’ve realized is as we aim to achieve this never-ending list of “check-off-ables” (just invented this word!), what we are doing is comparable to swimming upstream in a constant race to get to the finish line that simply keeps moving and we keep chasing it.

These days, having left 20+ years of chasing a certain definition of success, I’ve come to know what letting go means. For me, it’s all about achieving a sense of F.L.O.W.

Here’s how I choose to define it:


I value my freedom. I want to feel free to choose in each moment what helps me to feel successful. Sometimes it’s sleeping in. Sometimes it’s waking up early and working out. Sometimes it’s super quality fun time with my kids. Sometimes it’s a 12-hour day working hard on developing a new program that excites me. I am FREE to choose my flow.


How can we value what we achieve if we don’t stop to smell the roses? FLOW is letting go of the have to’s and the should be’s. It’s having fewer boxes to check off and loving life’s question marks and lovely surprises. The Universe wants to surprise us if we slow down enough to appreciate and love how successful we already are. Loving ourselves means going with the stream instead of swimming against it and constantly struggling and/or working and achieving without appreciation.

Own Our Time

Letting go means owning my time and not feeling time is escaping me and I have to run after it to catch it. It means truly valuing my precious hours and clearly defining how I will fill them. It means understanding I am the master of my FLOW and I can let go of the notion others own it.

Wind and Water

I value living my life through the magic of the elements. Wind and Water means “Feng Shui”…bringing our mind, body, soul and spaces into harmony. We come from nature, and more and more, as I choose to connect with all that nature has to offer – its wisdom – I am able to come into harmony with my WHO, WHAT and WHY, which then makes my HOW really clear. This is alignment. When we are in alignment we can more easily lighten our load and let go of what doesn’t serve us in every moment.

•   How can you feel more FREE?

•   Where do you need to LOVE yourself and your place in life a little more?

•   How can you better OWN YOUR TIME?

•   Where can you connect with nature and bring more harmony into your life?

P.S. Need a little help using the knowledge of Feng Shui as a tool to achieve inner and outer harmony? Let’s have a chat! I can get you started. (Link to use here is: https://calendly.com/mc20/discovery-call) 

I’d love to hear from you! What do you need to let go of right now? How would you define your FLOW?

You can have it all right now!



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