The Power Of A Handwritten Thank You Note

In this day of technological overload, we’ve shortened our attention spans, decreased our amount of human interaction and reduced our time spent on even the smallest gestures. Mail is barely a thing. So, now, more than ever, the power of handwritten notes helps you stand out from the crowd.

Why does handwriting create such a strong impact? It’s personal, it’s not perfect and it carries the spirit of the writer far more than a typewritten communication. Here are the top five reasons to keep writing letters:

1. It’s individual.

The type of paper and envelope, the ink you use, the stamps you choose and the way you write is completely unique to you. It shows your personality as much as any other aspect of your visual signature from clothing to hair to accessories. No one else can send the same note as you.

2. It’s memorable.

People remember the notes they get – they often display them in their offices or on their desks or on their bulletin boards. They look at it and are reminded of your thoughtfulness. There is no better way to keep yourself top of mind.

3. It’s good for you.

There has been some research conducted on “author benefits” by Steve Toepfer at Kent State University that suggests expressing gratitude or fond sentiments to a friend or colleague can draw your attention to more things for which to be grateful, thereby raising your happiness quotient and consequently your health over time. It also makes you pause before writing to think of how you’d like to frame things, since you can’t easily delete. Pausing in today’s world is a rare and delicious treat.

4. It’s important.

Taking the time to choose stationery, write a note, stamp and mail it means that the recipient is important to you. You’ve shown them that you care enough to be thoughtful.

5. It’s easier than you think.

Stock up on cards or stationery sets, buy a roll of stamps and keep your pen handy. Tuck a few of each in your bag, your desk and your car so you can write whenever the urge strikes, instead of putting it on the back burner. Your friends, colleagues and family will be touched that you took the time to write even though you know it didn’t take much more effort than writing a longer email.

Have you recently surprised someone with a handwritten note or have they surprised you? Comment below!

Katherine Lazaruk

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