The Psychology Behind Fidget Toys

Fidget Toys are all the rage right now. But Why? How do they help your child? Is it a distraction or a benefit for the classroom?  Watch this video and get your answers from Lina Acosta Sandaal – psychotherapist & child development expert and founder of Stop Parenting Alone and Nicole Santamaria, Occupational Therapist & owner of Miami Handwriting.


When Having a Baby Hurts: My Truth About My Postpartum Depression

It was summer and I sat on the floor leaning on the edge of my newborn daughter’s crib in tears.  From the outside I had everything a new mom could wish for, a loving husband, a cooperative extended family, and presents from near and far welcoming our daughter into our world.  On the floor of her bedroom none of that mattered, I was in pain and I wanted to die.  I cried as I planned…


Does “Time Out” Work With Kids? (Video)

Many parents and teachers use Time Out as a way to discipline children.  Are you certain that you are using it correctly?  Does it work for your child?  Watch this video and get information on how to use Time Out in the most effective way…


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