Grit & Grace

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to hear Beth Moore speak. It was a great weekend with five girlfriends from different social groups with whom I am connected. I have known three of them for almost 20 years. We have seen a lot of growth and change in our families, marriages and in ourselves as women. We have laughed and cried for joys and losses. Last weekend we had a great time connecting as women. Our group ranged in age from 25 to 51 and we all connected to Beth Moore’s message of “Grace and Grit”. 

Grace is the undeserved reward from God. Grit is the power of passion and perseverance to attain the reward. I believe God has promised us great things through His grace, but we don’t always have the grit to forge the path towards the reward. The power and strength to receive His reward is built – it’s not given to us. We were told to remember that muscle is built – it is not birthed.

Beth Moore’s message also reminded us that grit doesn’t quit. We need to be resourceful. Take His grace and make it into something using our grit. Do not be complacent! We are better to persevere with good work than wait for it to be great work and do nothing with the life we have been given. We need to be faithful in all things – big or small. If we can’t use grit with the small things, how are we going to do it with big things? There is a reason you are on this earth and we were reminded that “we were built for this”.

We all hold a strength as women that we do not always think or believe we have. I believe when push comes to shove we all have a fighting instinct that when used for the good is a powerful tool. No matter what your struggle is, you are being built for something. It is not easy. Sometimes you can barely open your eyes from the pain of whatever is building you. Don’t miss out on the reward. God has given you grace and the grit you need!

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