Finding our FAITH-full Home

“Sometimes in may seem dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part.
Just know you’re never alone, you can always come home.

Every road is a slippery slope,
There is always a hand that you can hold on to.
Looking deeper through the telescope,
You can see that your home is inside of you.

93 million miles from the sun
People get ready, get ready, here it comes
It’s a light a beautiful light
Over the horizon into our eyes.”

~Jason Mraz

These lyrics inspire me, because they are a reminder of how I felt growing up as an expansive, creative and exploratory child in a somewhat restricted Catholic school. I loved dancing and performing when I was young (and that never changed!), and I vividly remember one of my favorite performances that took place on the altar in church. I never NOT felt connected to spirit – to God – and on this day the connection was strong. I could care less that there was a church full of people, mostly strangers. All I cared about was how I felt dancing in God’s home, on his altar, to hymns that helped me feel tied to everything and everyone everywhere. I felt I was home.

On most days, however, the “Catholic way” never made much sense to me. For me, exploring as a child helped me to see and feel that God was everywhere – in the huge oak trees, in the squirrels, in the books in the library, on a bike ride, a deep conversation with a friend, in the starry sky – everywhere! I began to understand that I didn’t only have to feel that exhilaration in church on the altar, but in everyday life, and that if I was feeling that exhilaration and had love in my heart and peace on my mind, that I WAS FEELING GOD. Still, today, I feel and see God everywhere, and mostly inside of me – in my emotions, ideas and actions.

What is inside of me? Of you? Of us all, all living things?

What makes the “slippery slopes” of life bearable, and learnings we can grow from?

Where does our inspiration come from? Those sparks of light…ideas that keep us excited and thriving?

For me, I see all of these “things” within us as that spark of God, the Universe, Energy, All that is. We come from It, and that is where HOME is ALL THE TIME. This is my story. My belief. My sense of FAITH that helps me to know I am more than just this body. I am here to be a representation of GRACE IN ACTION – mistakes and all. We all are.

This FAITH helps me in every moment. It helps me connect with what’s real, know that I am supported and loved no matter what. It helps me to find my HOME and never feel lost.

As we launch into another new year – a new opportunity to deepen and connect with our HOME, what might that place…voice…energy be calling you to be, do and share?

I wish each of you a peaceful and successful year. May you wake each morning with a sense of knowing that you are more than your outer shell, and the world is always eager for your magnificence. Bumps and all, you can always go back home.

Peace and Love in 2018,


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