Do You Recognize Your Self?

That seems like a strange question – but the answer is important to the quality of your life. To recognize Self is to have established an authentic personality within society. You’ve developed a core principal within yourself for relating to others, your community, and the world at large. To recognize your Self is to engage with all aspects of your life in a conscious, creative manner.

This is the outcome when you know your Self from the inside out, and it makes all the difference. Inner-knowledge allows you to operate from the place where you can share your gifts with the world.

When you start to know your Self, you develop the ability to see relationships and events symbolically, rather than literally. Your history takes on a larger picture. It becomes a meaningful story that frees you to become the person you want to; the person you were meant to become. The ego steps away from taking the lead, and begins to partner with the Soul.

The majority of people struggle with this journey to find liberating symbolism in their life history. This struggle can feel like an ongoing battle within, or simply a simmering resentment you carry for a good part of your life, unable to let go of. Eventually, if you are paying attention, the Soul will demand an end to the unrest so it can fulfill its mission. Our purpose in life is to find our gifts, to explore them, to develop them, to co-create with others for the betterment of all, including our Self.

So why is this so hard? One of the main reasons is that as children we are urged to think of others, to be nice, and to not be selfish. Later on in life, that programming reappears in our behavior patterns. We avoid having a relationship with the Self at all. Dwelling on ourselves for too long makes us feel guilty. However, not making the time to reflect on your life can block your development. It can prevent you from seeing the bigger picture. As adults, we need to examine our lives and grow from self-reflection. Until we do, we can never escape the resentments. We won’t find our calling, or experience joy, or mature.

There is great value in loving others and listening, but when we stifle ourselves at the expense of our personal development and emotional growth, this consideration turns toxic. How often do you say or hear these words: “I can’t express myself because I’m afraid of hurting someone’s feelings” – or – “I avoid confrontation” – or – “I feel guilty about giving my opinion if it’s not what the other person wants to hear.”

There are many mindsets that function as road blocks to keep you from growing into your power. Your internal taskmaster might ask, “Who do you think you are?” and prevent you from the joys of your birthright – to grow into maturity. To recognize Self is to say YES to your soul.
This month, flip the pattern. Journal about a personal trait that seems to scare you, one that keeps you entangled and unable to express your beautiful Self.

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