Time fly’s when you’re helping others

 Thank you  Michael

Thank you Michael “Pinball” Clemons for delivering an inspiring speech and helping Tom hold that heavy award!

We can’t believe it’s been a year already since Tom Watson won the Inaugural SOS International Foster Award! Being the first to win an award so prestigious and personal is not only an honour but a privilege. The foster care system (though not perfect) is vital for our future kids who need a home to help them grow and succeed. Being a foster child that has overcome the odds by not only staying off the streets but having a family and business. Tom volunteers his time for those in need so it’s no wonder he was praised by Princess Salimah Aga Khan (whom invited Tom for dinner when she was in Vancouver!) the Dali Lama , Justin Trudeau , Angelina Jolie and many, many more!

Congrats Tom and keep up the amazing work of being you!

Daniela Butcura

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