The “Perfect” Pesto Recipe

The Watson family loves this pesto sauce! It is so easy to make and tastes great with cheese and crackers or on a main course. It’s also a great accompaniment to a charcuterie board. Easily made, it can be put together days ahead of time and it keeps in the freezer well. We especially like it with chicken and pasta. Mmm…Yummy!


1/3 cup    any roasted nuts
1 ½ cup    basil leaves packed
2 cloves   garlic
1 ½ tsp     lemon juice
½ tsp       salt
1/3 cup    extra virgin olive oil

Place all of the ingredients except for the olive oil in a small food processer. Chop the contents together with a few pulses of the processer. Add the oil and process the ingredients until a paste has formed.

Life’s all about family, good friends, great drinks and amazing food – including this perfect pesto recipe!

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