Our family and friends make us

Friends and family can often be taken for granted. Take the time to smile when you are together to show they are important to you and that you value the time they are sharing with you.


How Different Are We?

We have a lot of talk these days about equality and needing equal rights for all. Not a bad thing but, after a meeting with the lovely Esi Hardy of Celebrating Disability a few weeks ago, it made me think – how different are we really? Esi was talking about how difficult it is for someone in a wheelchair to enjoy being in a pub where people mainly stand and therefore, they are essentially out of the conversation.


Making An A Team: Cultivate An Inspiring Environment!

In today’s competitive job marketplace, it’s becoming more and more difficult to attract and keep top-quality candidates. With sites like LinkedIn, recruiters are reaching out to skilled professionals all the time, and new job opportunities can come your way when you least expect them. So how do you stand out? How do you attract and keep an A Team in your organization?


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