Creamy Yam Casserole

My husband and I love yams! Our kids do not enjoy them as much as we do, but this Thanksgiving they fell in love with yams! I have done many Thanksgiving yam casseroles in previous years. I thought the marshmallow topped casserole would be a family favourite but it did not catch the attention of their taste buds like this one did! I hope that you enjoy this new family favourite!


New Family Thanksgiving Tradition

Our family is big on traditions! Growing up, my family had a number of traditions as did Tom’s family, and when we got married, we were surprised at the number of similar traditions we had. Our children have grown up with traditions sprinkled into every holiday like Christmas, St.


Say something positive

When gathering with family and friends think of positive things to say about someone present and share it with them.


Habits To Be Thankful For

Research shows that when we thank other people it makes us feel better – possibly even altering our body chemistry. We also know that teams and organizations that excel at building a culture of appreciation have higher engagement rates with happier employees – the key is to make sure we all remember to thank one another consistently!

And not just at work – remembering to thank our spouses children, and friends is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to improve our own happiness levels, strengthen bonds and build trust.


Practicing Gratitude: A Guide to Being Thankful

As the leaves start to change and Halloween has waved goodbye for the year, we start to prepare for our next holiday on the calendar: Thanksgiving. This holiday typically brings more gratitude in the month of November than any other month in the year, but it shouldn’t be that way, especially for Leaders. Employee appreciation and high morale is key to successfully navigating a thriving business. If you don’t engage with your employees, or show appreciation, there’s no doubt your ship will start to sink.


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