Give yourself a little TLC

Attend to your own self-care – you will feel more energy and more focused. Some ideas are visiting your favourite place for a walk or tea, going to your favourite fitness class, starting a hobby you have always wanted to try. Self-care will keep you healthy and help you feel the joys in life.


When Having a Baby Hurts: My Truth About My Postpartum Depression

It was summer and I sat on the floor leaning on the edge of my newborn daughter’s crib in tears.  From the outside I had everything a new mom could wish for, a loving husband, a cooperative extended family, and presents from near and far welcoming our daughter into our world.  On the floor of her bedroom none of that mattered, I was in pain and I wanted to die.  I cried as I planned…


The Subtle Art Of Saying No

Have you ever just felt like your life is constantly spinning out of control? One commitment leading to the next until you seemingly have little or no time for yourself?! The truth is, many of us feel exactly the same way! Our days are filled to over flowing and we feel exhausted from the weight of our responsibilities. So, we have ask ourselves “why”? Why do so many of us struggle with the demands of our lives?


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