Looking Inward

When I think of leadership, both in our careers and in our personal lives, (parent, volunteer, sibling, spouse, etc.) I cannot separate it from awareness. In fact, from my perspective, you cannot lead your life effectively without it. Awareness, or consciousness, must be at the foundation of your leadership, and it begins with self-awareness. So what does being self-aware look like? In my daily work with individuals and companies, I help leaders get to know themselves deeply and honor who they are at their core.


How Understading Me, You, and Us Makes for Better Parenting

I can feel the heat of my heart pounding on my ears.  I notice my daughter holding her breath as I sternly tell her how I “hate irresponsible people.”  As I take my next breath, I stop dead in my tracks and realize, wow, complete mom fail.  I have transformed my moment of teaching and showing my daughter about responsibility into a moment of shaming her.  I stop and tell her I am too upset to speak and think this process through.  Once together again in the car, I attempt to explain how “Mommy got to the point, where she was being hurtful rather than helpful.” The vulnerability of noticing my mistake and pausing to understand what was going on for me allowed me


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