Helping Our Children Live With Purpose And Passion

As a parent do you oftentimes struggle with how to support your children in becoming the best of who they are? Unfortunately, many of our schools (and our culture) try to fit our very unique children into one mold – the same mold – they feel will make them “successful.” As a Strengths Coach, this is quite frustrating, but because I understand my strengths, I know exactly why it bugs me so much! You see, one of my top strengths…


Connecting The Dots

It’s been said that the two most happiest times in an individual’s life is the day they were born and the day they discover why they were born. Have you ever questioned yourself, asking, “there has to be more to life than this?” It has to be more to life than just waking up day after day going to work coming back home going to sleep and doing it all over again. There has to be more to life than paying bills. There has to more to life than going to church or any other religious institution.


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