Preparing for Vacation: Leave Work Stress Free

This article is extremely timely for me, as I’m heading out for a week-long vacation next week, right as work has started to get very intense. If you’re like me, you really like to have all your “i”s dotted and your “t”s crossed before you leave the office for anything, never mind an extended absence, so leaving in the middle of it all can stress us out, but not if we keep some simple concepts in mind. 


4 Tips To A Happier Retirement

Whenever we ask our retired clients “what is the single most important thing to have for an incredible retirement?”, they always say good health.  Here are 4 tips to better health in retirement.


Create Your Best Bucket List Ever

Bucket lists are amazing things. They let us dream, let us grow, tell us where we might need to move to do those cool things and they let us see our spirit and our mortality up close and personal.

Don’t have one? Here are three things to help you get started:


Get More By Giving More

One of my core philosophies is giving back to the community. I’ve tried to make it a point to give back to my profession, my church and my local community. For years, I’ve served in various capacities at church and have led three or four Financial Peace University programs. When it comes to helping the community, in the past, I’ve served on a city Board of Trustees pension fund and currently serve on the Board of Trustees of an almost $1 billion foundation connected to our church body.


Goal Setting 101

Now that the new year is underway, and you’ve had a chance to get out from under the resolutions that never quite got off the ground, you’re in the perfect position to step back, re-evaluate and set some new benchmarks to get back on track for 2018. Here are five tips to keep your goals tight:


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