Does “Time Out” Work With Kids? (Video)

Many parents and teachers use Time Out as a way to discipline children.  Are you certain that you are using it correctly?  Does it work for your child?  Watch this video and get information on how to use Time Out in the most effective way…


In-Laws or Outlaws?

Over the years, one of the unique relationships that has grown in my own life is the relationship that has formed with my wife’s parents, Stu and Gail Patterson. Although distance and circumstance hindered the nurturing and development of that relationship in the early years of our marriage, a move closer to Stu and Gail and a commitment by both couples to grow our relationship has led to the development of a remarkable and supportive friendship. The strength of that relationship, I believe, has helped Stu and Gail, and Kathy and I, overcome life’s obstacles and celebrate far more than we may have otherwise.


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