5 Things a Working Mom Should Never Say to a Non-Working Mom

I was introduced to this incredibly powerful video at a conference and I just have to share it with you. The video comes at such an important point in our culture. While many people are supporting women who work and applauding their growing roles in so many industries, women are guilty of hating on and judging each other for not working.

It’s the battle of the moms.


I’m a Better Mom BECAUSE I Work

It’s taken me close to a decade to realize that I am a better mom BECAUSE I work.

You see, for years, I felt guilty. I couldn’t be the type of mom that most consider to be a “good mom.” I didn’t pick up my boys at school. I wasn’t always available for their school activities. I couldn’t always volunteer in their classroom. I missed a few of their sporting games. And all of this made me feel like a “bad mom.”


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