SHOUT Your Blues Away!

There’s nothing like the holidays to show us just how human we are. I, myself, just realized we are only a few weeks from that special morning of ritual, family, and lots of shiny objects under the tree! Now I gotta go get those shiny objects! I have to admit that this time does bring me both lots of joy and lots of stress, which can lead to bad moods. Now, I know I’m not alone in this, and the last thing any of us need (or our family and friends!) is a lack of joy.


Happy For The Holidays

The winter season can bring its fair share of gloomy days and holiday stress and sometimes those blues are hard to shake. It might seem strange at first to think that caring for your image can help perk you up, but research is showing that there is a distinct biological response to what you put on your body.

Try these five tricks and see how your mood changes for the better: 


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