Slowing Down the Master Wheels

Do you have trouble shutting down the hamster wheel? According to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology, the less you detach psychologically during your off hours, the higher your emotional exhaustion in twelve months’ time. Translation: You’ll have a very cranky hamster with little desire to keep the wheel moving!


Growing a Growth Mindset

One of the simplest ways to support and recognize each other, whether it’s at work, school, or at home, is to offer timely, sincere, 100-percent positive praise. But is your praise as effective as it could be?


Creating French Fry Moments

Google has a rather odd phrase they use in their company: “French fry moments.” They use this phrase to convey the concept of anticipating employees’ needs. The phrase and concept came about after an executive saw a scene on the sitcom 30 Rock, wherein one of the characters, Tracy Jordan, becomes outraged after an employee brings him a burger but doesn’t include the fries he didn’t order, prompting Tracy to shout, “Where are the French fries I didn’t order!? When will you learn to anticipate me?!” 


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