Spouse Activities

What does your spouse enjoy doing? Find time to do what may be your spouse’s favourite activity together. Appreciate the time together and the joy that this activity brings to your spouse. Maybe you will start to enjoy it too!


What A Man Wants

Uncomplicating What A Man Wants In Relationship. – A must read for women wondering about the men in their lives!

Every day, no matter where one looks on this planet, men and women are drawn together by an attraction that is as confusing as it is exciting. Through some blend of chemical and physical explosion the miracle of relationship happens; 


Fresh Relationships

Jobs, kids, extended family challenges, friends, traffic, and every day life drama are all part of busying up our lives and sucking the romance out of our relationships.  Whatever happened to the intense pizzazz and the crazy attraction of life with your spouse?  Many couples say “It’s just too much work”, but does it really have to be that way?  Do we really have to allow life to suck out the intimacy between spouses?  


When Is It Going To Happen?

The moment a woman learns that she has been blessed to become a mother; the count down to a new life begins. I’ve been told that it feels as if a million and one emotions flood her being all at one time. Soon to be mommies have also shared that after thinking about how life is soon to change mommy and baby websites and subscriptions to newsletters become their new best friend. These websites and subscriptions assist with possible names, health related questions, and help her gauge her baby’s growth stage at a specific time. 


Is Competition Killing Your Marriage?

I remember the day clearly. How couldn’t I? It was the day I had dreamt of as a child; my wedding day. It was even more memorable because there was a hurricane brewing in the Gulf, and, yes, it was raining! Luckily, every time I had to get out of the Rolls Royce it cleared up before the downpour ensued. Looking at our video today, you can see the fright in our faces when the lights went out in the church. Did that really happen? Oh yeah! 


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