Create A Living Family History – With Minimal Work!

As a foster child with limited knowledge about my birth parents (my father in particular) it always bothered me that I simply didn’t know much about my own heritage and family DNA. Countless nights I would lay in bed and wonder – who am I? I was blessed to be raised by Jim and Edwina Watson who were my 13th foster family. And although they did their best to provide me with the essentials in life and provided me with the love and support needed to grow into myself and succeed, the fact remained that the lack of my personal family history has always haunted me.


Ways To Raise Happy Children

Time and again when I ask parents what they wish for their children they respond with “I just want them to be happy”.  But how exactly does one do that?  The truth is that happiness is a way of being but not a constant.  To be happy you must also experience sadness and sometimes as parents we have a hard time tolerating that fact.  In any case lets take some time and see what the research tell us about how to be happy.


Raising A Reader

As a reading teacher I am passionate about reading. I struggled learning to read but I have found a love of reading, and continue to read daily for enjoyment before I go to bed. During this time I let go of the stresses of the day and find an escape in my book.


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