Healing Ourselves Through Awareness and Faith

There is always an aspect of ourselves or our lives that needs healing, isn’t there? Depending upon how aware we are of what needs to be healed, we can catch these “hurts” when they are like tiny scratches that just need a little bandaid and a kiss from Mommy! However, without that awareness, these issues– perhaps those we are tucking under a pillow and ignoring– may require a lot more mending later on. In fact, they can become large wounds that prevent us from moving forward in our lives, careers, or within important relationships. 


What’s Burning You?

My husband recently bought an outdoor fire pit for our son’s backyard camping party. Last night, I was enjoying the crisp, cool evening by the fire and was mesmerized by the stunning flames. Within in a minute or so this question came to me—“What’s burning you?” So, I decided to ponder upon the question for a while.


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