Happy For The Holidays

The winter season can bring its fair share of gloomy days and holiday stress and sometimes those blues are hard to shake. It might seem strange at first to think that caring for your image can help perk you up, but research is showing that there is a distinct biological response to what you put on your body.

Try these five tricks and see how your mood changes for the better: 


Wardrobe Building Blocks for the New Fall Season

If you followed our last post on keeping things simple for summer, you’ve probably done a certain amount of purging and now might be wondering how to add some updates or just add some new, effective pieces for fall.  Before adding anything, it’s good to have a plan for what’s already in there! Here are four steps you can take to put some foundation in place before venturing out for the new season. 


Fathers Matter Too | Helping Kids Develop A Healthy Self-Image

This month is a time to celebrate the fathers in our lives, whether ours biologically, our children’s or our chosen ones.  Sometimes Dads get a bit left out of parenting guides, but there is a large body of evidence that Dads matter when it comes to the development of their kids’ self-image. While Moms are the ones who set up safety and protection, Dads are the ones who encourage exploration and pushing the boundaries, providing a little excitement and safety at the same time. Because Dads are excellent at helping kids explore, they’re also ideally positioned to talk to their kids about the risks and rewards of that kind of exploration. 


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