Fresh Relationships

Jobs, kids, extended family challenges, friends, traffic, and every day life drama are all part of busying up our lives and sucking the romance out of our relationships.  Whatever happened to the intense pizzazz and the crazy attraction of life with your spouse?  Many couples say “It’s just too much work”, but does it really have to be that way?  Do we really have to allow life to suck out the intimacy between spouses?  


Spouse First, Kids Second

When we are in the throws of parenthood – spending long days cleaning messes, wiping bottoms and hugging squirming toddlers – it can be easy to lose touch with our spouse. After all, these little people in our care can be quite demanding. Even as they grow and become more independent, our children still require much of our time and attention. Now add in the rest of life’s realities, such as work, chores and famy obligations, and who has time to even think about our spouse, much less make him or her a priority?


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