Ways To Raise Happy Children

Time and again when I ask parents what they wish for their children they respond with “I just want them to be happy”.  But how exactly does one do that?  The truth is that happiness is a way of being but not a constant.  To be happy you must also experience sadness and sometimes as parents we have a hard time tolerating that fact.  In any case lets take some time and see what the research tell us about how to be happy.


Happy For The Holidays

The winter season can bring its fair share of gloomy days and holiday stress and sometimes those blues are hard to shake. It might seem strange at first to think that caring for your image can help perk you up, but research is showing that there is a distinct biological response to what you put on your body.

Try these five tricks and see how your mood changes for the better: 


Yoda Was Wrong About Happiness!

Yoda sure was wise…but it seems that he was wrong when he said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.

That is at least when it comes to being happy…

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology by academics Yuna Ferguson and Kennon Sheldon, being happier can actually be as easy as “trying” to become happier.


Turn Up The Happiness!

I’m thinking HAPPINESS! The summer sunshine must have something to do with it! Like me, do you get happy when you see the sun rise, or when you feel its warmth on your body? Things seem to slow just enough during the summer, kicking up my HQ, or Happiness Quotient! But when there’s no sunshine (literally or otherwise) what happens? Today, my thoughts are on happiness. What does being “happy” really mean and how can we be happy more often? In fact, how can we be conscious enough to know exactly when we need to turn it up and make it more present?


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