Changing Bad Habits, One Step at a Time

If bad habits are tripping you up at this time in your life, then there’s no time like the present to make a shift. The only way to grow is by developing different habits, so the more intentional you are about creating them, the easier it is to grow. Habits are simply repetitive actions, so deciding to shift is a matter of taking a different action.


Taking Things For Granted

Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we take everything we have and everything that we’ve accomplished so far, for granted.  This is especially true for entrepreneurs who are typically moving at a million miles per hour!  We get caught up in the next great idea or the next great big project and forget to enjoy what we have actually achieved.  We fail to enjoy the successes that have become part of our lives.  


10,000 Steps: A Healthier YOU One Step at A Time

It’s a Saturday night in May, 2004, and my wife Kathy and I have returned home from an evening out with friends. Kathy’s in the bathroom brushing her teeth as I busy myself getting ready for bed. Suddenly it happens — bam! A pain shoots through my head like I’ve never felt before, as if someone has hit me with a hammer. Suddenly, a strong and persistent pounding begins and I realize it’s my heart racing. I’m short of breath, I’m dizzy, and I feel nauseous. Somehow I gather myself and without saying a word to Kathy, I crawl into bed. 


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