Top 3 Health Tips for Dealing with the Winter Blues!

1. Get Moving!

So many of us are fair-weather exercisers, which is great when the sun is out, but can mean we are really stuck in the wintertime. So, THIS is the season to make more of a point to exercise than ever, knowing that if you don’t make it part of your to-do list on an ongoing basis, it can be easy to adopt the old “it’s too cold/grey/rainy outside to do anything active”.


No Time To Workout? No Problem!

The New Year always brings with it the promise of great things, happiness, joy, prosperity and health. The health part, is usually tied to some kind of resolution to exercise everyday that – let’s be honest here – usually doesn’t make it past the end of January. But why? I think the reason is simple… most of us simply don’t have the time to go to the gym or to dedicate an hour a day to working out. I get it…. It happens to me too! 🙂


Naturally, You Can Recovery from Injury!

We’ve all done it – pulled a muscle or sprained a joint from overdoing it. Whether it was at the gym doing the exact same gym routine you’ve been repeating 3 times a week for years, or after picking up a sport you haven’t dabbled in for ages (ouch – should have seen that one coming!) – we all want to recover as fast and as safely as possible. Here are some naturopathic tips for speeding your injury recovery, which will hopefully get you back to doing what you love sooner. 


6 Tips To Help You Finally Lose The Weight

Nothin’ better than somebody there to motivate, or somebody to kick your behind when the going gets tough! We all have days we don’t want to exercise. And sometimes those days turn into 3 weeks and before you know it all your good intentions have died off. Grab a coach, grab a friend, somebody you trust. Somebody who will help you and surround you with good things…not the friend that will say “screw it let’s hit the bar!” Do you ever tell your kids “you are who you hang out with”?


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