Creating French Fry Moments

Google has a rather odd phrase they use in their company: “French fry moments.” They use this phrase to convey the concept of anticipating employees’ needs. The phrase and concept came about after an executive saw a scene on the sitcom 30 Rock, wherein one of the characters, Tracy Jordan, becomes outraged after an employee brings him a burger but doesn’t include the fries he didn’t order, prompting Tracy to shout, “Where are the French fries I didn’t order!? When will you learn to anticipate me?!” 


Pay It Forward: Inspire Employees & Cultivate Engagement In & Out Of The Office

As an Entrepreneur who has successfully scaled up his business from my own spare bedroom into what it is today, you’d be surprised to know that I have a simple philosophy of business that has fared tremendously well across my organization:Happy employees take care of their customers. And happy customers who are well taken care of refer new clients, pay their bills and contribute to the profitable growth of the company.


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