Top 3 Health Tips for Dealing with the Winter Blues!

1. Get Moving!

So many of us are fair-weather exercisers, which is great when the sun is out, but can mean we are really stuck in the wintertime. So, THIS is the season to make more of a point to exercise than ever, knowing that if you don’t make it part of your to-do list on an ongoing basis, it can be easy to adopt the old “it’s too cold/grey/rainy outside to do anything active”.


Naturally Sun Safe: Considering a Mineral Sunscreen

Sunshine is an essential part of our lives. It nurtures the growth of the plant kingdom at the bottom of our food chains, it warms us and our environment and it provides vitamin D, which is essential to our health and growth. But what we have all seen, and has become more prevalent in our awareness over the last few decades, is that too much of a good thing can be potentially harmful. Unhealthy sun exposure (too much, too intense, too long) can contribute to skin damage (wrinkles, sun spots) and of course skin cancer. So it goes without saying that sunscreen and sun protection products are a good idea – but how do you know that what you are putting on your skin is safe and healthy for you at the same time?


Everyday Strategies for Staying Hydrated

Water is life; it is a part of numerous critical biochemical processes in the body. Water carries regenerative nutrients – such as vitamins and minerals – to every cell in our body. It makes chemical and metabolic reactions happen, is integral in regulating our body temperature, and it keeps our bodies healthy by facilitating detoxification and eliminating waste products.  


Naturally, You Can Recovery from Injury!

We’ve all done it – pulled a muscle or sprained a joint from overdoing it. Whether it was at the gym doing the exact same gym routine you’ve been repeating 3 times a week for years, or after picking up a sport you haven’t dabbled in for ages (ouch – should have seen that one coming!) – we all want to recover as fast and as safely as possible. Here are some naturopathic tips for speeding your injury recovery, which will hopefully get you back to doing what you love sooner. 


Top 5 Successful Dieting Tips

There certainly is no shortage of diet approaches out there, and if you’ve been around the block you may have dabbled in more than a few! Here is a list of strategies sure to boost your efforts no matter what type of diet you choose to follow.


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