Top 3 Health Tips for Dealing with the Winter Blues!

1. Get Moving!

So many of us are fair-weather exercisers, which is great when the sun is out, but can mean we are really stuck in the wintertime. So, THIS is the season to make more of a point to exercise than ever, knowing that if you don’t make it part of your to-do list on an ongoing basis, it can be easy to adopt the old “it’s too cold/grey/rainy outside to do anything active”.


Walking & Water Consumption For A Fit You!

I don’t know about you, but weight gain has been a constant battle for me as the years have rolled by. I think there are probably many reasons for my own struggles. Well into my 30s I was very active athletically playing a variety of sports myself, coaching and staying active with my wife and kids. I’ve suffered with arthritis in my knees from my competitive athletic days and as I moved into my 40s it became clear that my participation in ballistic sports and training was over.


Healthy Holiday Eating

Holidays are times that we look forward to as it usually means time away from work, often travelling to see interesting places or people, and feasting!  There are specific foods that we look forward to for summer holidays, as well as Christmas and Easter, but this article will focus on Thanksgiving. The origin of this feast as its name implies, comes from giving thanks to God for a bountiful harvest, successful hunting, and by implication, all of the blessings that we enjoy in abundance. 


Top 5 Successful Dieting Tips

There certainly is no shortage of diet approaches out there, and if you’ve been around the block you may have dabbled in more than a few! Here is a list of strategies sure to boost your efforts no matter what type of diet you choose to follow.


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