In Conversation with Tom Watson

Wow – what a great conversation! Tom Watson and I chat about all sorts of things including his story of a very challenging childhood but how the right support put him on the right path, how sharing this story has touched the lives of many and enabled Tom to make another change in his life helping people to have a better life.


Appreciate the Simple Things

There is so much pressure on us these days. Those pressures come from the world around us and from ourselves. As we get caught up in the need for everything to happen quickly, to be successful, to live our lives as fast as we can, to bury our heads in our tech, it’s easy to miss the simple pleasures in life.


How Different Are We?

We have a lot of talk these days about equality and needing equal rights for all. Not a bad thing but, after a meeting with the lovely Esi Hardy of Celebrating Disability a few weeks ago, it made me think – how different are we really? Esi was talking about how difficult it is for someone in a wheelchair to enjoy being in a pub where people mainly stand and therefore, they are essentially out of the conversation.


Do You Remember Your Why?

One of the things that comes up frequently when you trying to build your business is knowing your why. 

Your ‘why’ gives you the passion and the drive to keep going. It helps you to know in yourself why you are doing it and brings your emotion to the fore (in a good way) when you are discussing what your business is with others.  


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