Improving Your Communication At Work

We all have trouble communicating at times. We get tired, we are stressed out, we lose patience and sometimes we just don’t get our co-workers or bosses. If you’ve ever lost your temper at work, had a misunderstanding or had to deal with a conflict, you know how important it is to communicate effectively. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the skills or awareness to know exactly what to do. Or, we’re good communicators who sometimes forget our skills at the door.


Speaking Up & Speaking Out at Work

A few weeks ago, in my weekly e-zine Inspiring Workplaces,  I raised the issue of employees not speaking up in their workplaces. I was flooded with responses from subscribers adding to the list of reasons employees don’t feel comfortable speaking up to their senior managers. Some told stories of how they were fired for speaking up too often at work, while others had been demoted or reprimanded for speaking up. And one person shared how she was let go for not speaking up enoughat work!


Customer Experience: It’s All In The Details

I’ve been doing some research into hidden costs of project management which led me to thinking about the hidden costs of a poor customer experience and what happens when process becomes king, trumping the customer experience. Let me start by telling you about the experience I had that I’m relating to.

I decided to start a trial of some software. Like so much software today, it’s cloud based, there’s a monthly subscription and I was given a one month free trial.  I won’t say who as I don’t really want to bad mouth them, I don’t think they are a bad company, they’re just falling prey to their process!


Dealing With Children’s Fears And The News

I was recently a guest on Telemundo’s national morning show Un Nuevo Dia and was asked to help their TV audience process the previous day’s terrorist attacks in Brussels with their children.  Here is the script, since I feel that this is relevant information for all families.


What Your Kids and Jihadists have in Common!

You’re not going to like what I have to say and frankly I don’t care!  We have entered a time when technology has advanced us beyond our capability to make wise judgements.  The most vulnerable are our kids and most who read this have their heads in the sand – not having a clue what risks our children – youth – teens – young adults face.  It’s a scary world and with technology kids and Jihadists have at least one thing in common – their desire for secrecy!


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