Firing The Unsavoury Client – The Right Way!

No one wants to fire a client. In business we all know it is hard work attracting and retaining clients –so the last thing most of us want to do is lose a client we already have in our client pool. But then again, there are nightmare clients who actually do more harm to your business than good and its these types of clients every businessman and business woman should avoid at all costs – including firing them if need be.


Learn to Say NO Before You Say YES!

Ever wanted to fire a client? It’s usually very difficult to do. And because we tend to invest so much time and energy in building relationships with new clients, years can often go by before we are even able to muster up the courage to fire them. By then, though, a lot of damage is done. We lose a lot of sleep, energy and money, as well as the opportunity to bring on new, amazing clients, because our time is sucked up by these “vamps”.


Client Gift Ideas

The holiday season will soon be upon us and the time to think about celebrating your clients is now, before the rush descends. Here are the top five ways to celebrate your clients in a personal, professional way this holiday season:


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