Tips for Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Not Working for You? Improve Your Profile in Five Easy Steps!

Getting to be a Rockstar on LinkedIn is a lot easier when you show up well and it starts with having a good profile. More people than ever are searching for jobs and qualified people on LinkedIn and getting connected to professional opportunities and you want to make sure you’re seen.


Not Everyone Needs or Should Be a Mentor

Mentoring is something that gets a lot of press time in our world. If you believe what you read, everyone wants one, everyone can see the benefit of being one and everyone should be a mentor and mentee several times throughout their life. I disagree – mentoring is not for everyone and here’s why:


Creating French Fry Moments

Google has a rather odd phrase they use in their company: “French fry moments.” They use this phrase to convey the concept of anticipating employees’ needs. The phrase and concept came about after an executive saw a scene on the sitcom 30 Rock, wherein one of the characters, Tracy Jordan, becomes outraged after an employee brings him a burger but doesn’t include the fries he didn’t order, prompting Tracy to shout, “Where are the French fries I didn’t order!? When will you learn to anticipate me?!” 


Here Are 10 Things That Don’t Require Any Special Talent or Skill…

To remind people of the need to play nice and be a good neighbor and supportive co-worker, why not create a giant-sized customized list of the “Top-10 Things That Don’t Require Any Talent Or Special Skills.” Most of you have probably seen this list pop up on your social media feeds – and whether you write it on a flip chart, create giant posters, or write it on your lunch room whiteboard – share the list or display it in a prominent place as a constant reminder to everyone.


Feeling Insecure at Work? Change It Up!

There are times in everyone’s lives when they feel like things aren’t going as well at work as they would like. Maybe it was that promotion they didn’t get, the committee they weren’t included on or the restructuring that shook up all the departments. Whatever it is, there is always something that can be done to shore up a shaken confidence and gain a new perspective. Try these three things:


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