Day 3: This Small Investment Will Give You HUGE Returns

Welcome to Day 3 of our Your Best Life Challenge, YBLers. Today I’d like to share a tip with you to move you forward that is the best investment tip I have ever been given. And no, this tip has nothing to do with buying or selling stocks or investing in real-estate or any form of bit coin purchases. No, this investment tip is simply for YOU to invest in YOU! Invest in your personal growth and advancement.


Day 2: Stop Letting People Pee In Your Punch!

The fact is that we all want to live positive, successful lives. I’ve never talked to one person in my life who said, “Tom I really want to be an unsuccessful, unhappy person!” The fact is none of us consciously would choose to live a miserable life. But that fact sadly does not stop any of us from actually allowing ourselves to slump into a life that is less than we desire for ourselves. In fact, there are dangerous habits that can, and more often than not, do sabotage the success of we most of us achieve daily.


Day 1: It’s My Own Damn Fault!

All right, people, we’re done with the first month of this new year already! Many of you made resolutions for yourselves as this new year approached – at least I hope you did! If not, you should have, because if you aren’t intentionally identifying things you need to work on in your lives each year, you aren’t becoming a better version of you!


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