Summertime Fun – Finding Inspiration in the Closet

Summer can be a tricky time for inspiration, this summer especially. With the changeable weather and the lack of sun, many people are finding themselves feeling a bit lacklustre and dull, especially in the closet. Here are three straightforward ways to brighten up your summer closet and get ready for all the fun things that summer will bring.

1.     Sort your closet out and get rid of the things that are just taking up real estate. Anything you haven’t worn in a year, doesn’t fit, is in poor repair or you don’t love, let it go.

2.     Once you’ve sorted it out, look for the gaps. Do you have too many summer jackets and not enough tops? Do you have lots of winter pants but nothing cool enough for hot weather? Make a list of the items you need.

3.     Search online for things that inspire you and see what they all have in common. Are you drawn to bright colour combinations? Do you love simple, clean lines? Do you really enjoy wash and wear clothes? Check your existing pieces to see if they fit with the things you find inspiring and then use your gaps list in the stores to find things that fall in line with your desired qualities.

Once you’ve found a few new pieces, pour yourself a cool summer drink, put on some good tunes and mess around with combining the new and old to see what works. Try something new. Get out of your outfit ruts, wear something a bit crazy and see how it feels. Inspiration can come from many sources, including blogs, Pinterest boards, TED talks, books, nature and from the people you know.

Three of my favourites include:

· for fashion fabulousness over 50

· for humour and hacks on parenting

· for a bit of fashion, a bit of feminism and more

Above all, enjoy the process. Summer is short, but inspiration is forever. Let us know how you found inspiration – what’s your best source?

Katherine Lazaruk

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