Set The Closet Up For Summer

Now that the kids are home or almost home for the summer, you might find yourself wanting to put them first and spend as much time with them as you can. As a parent, you understand the challenges that come with summer vacation for the kids, dealing with everything from disruptions to your carefully planned routine to scheduling daycare or other activities in the warm summer months. Spending a little bit of time in the closet this month can help you keep it simple as the summer heats up.

Here are the top five tips for finding peace in your closet and the kids’ closets too as the summer holiday progresses:

  1. Let it go – the beginning of summer is a great time to do a closet purge. Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, is no longer repairable, is too old or hasn’t been worn in a year. You’ll feel a lot lighter as you head into the bright days of summer. 
  2. Keep the closet simple – take out your winter wear items and stock them into clear plastic bins for storage under the bed, in your garage or in your storage locker. Put your more maintenance heavy items in their own section of the closet and hang all your easy-care, easy-wear pieces in one section or stock them in one or two drawers so you and the kids can grab and go. 
  3. Keep the care easy – in the summer, you want to be spending your time outside, not worrying about keeping clothes clean, ironed or otherwise maintenance-heavy. Summer is a perfect time to choose clothing items (for you and the kids) that are machine-wash and tumble dry. Synthetic fibers have come a long way and a bit of polyester in your cotton blend can add a level of durability and low maintenance that you can’t always find in a purely natural fabric. 
  4. Mix and match – when you’ve purchased new or ‘new to you’ items, take some time to see how well they play with the other pieces in your closet. Once you’ve found their best matches, hang the set together for easy dressing. Remember the 1 jacket, 2 bottoms, 3 tops wardrobe module – choosing these six pieces from new or existing items in your closet can help you create more combinations with fewer items. 
  5. Stay cool – if you’re swamped with thinking about clearing the clutter and moving forward, seek out a professional to help you define and simplify your closet. They can recommend the right fabrics, styles and choices for you and your family and help you see the possibilities to ensure your summer closets are a place of peace. 

Not sure you can find the time to clear the closet? Try one of our favourite slow cooker recipes for dinner and spend the time gearing up for the summer holiday: (I substitute tomato paste for a thick, rich sauce!


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