New Family Thanksgiving Tradition

Our family is big on traditions! Growing up, my family had a number of traditions as did Tom’s family, and when we got married, we were surprised at the number of similar traditions we had. Our children have grown up with traditions sprinkled into every holiday like Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Thanksgiving as well as birthdays and special sporting events like the CFL’s Grey Cup and the NFL’s Super Bowl. Our girls have come to love our traditions and are starting traditions of their own with our boys.

This Thanksgiving I decided to add a new tradition. I’ve often thought how thankful I am to be a part of the family and country that I am, along with the friends that I have. Last year I saw a visual reminder of this with “Turkey On The Table”. As our family grows, I want each member to have a sense of gratitude for what they have in their lives. I want each of them to have a resilience and thankfulness in their life.

As with any new tradition I’ve tried to add, “Turkey On The Table” was met with some groaning by my boysJ When adding traditions, I add them slowly and let each person participate in the way that they feel comfortable. I knew this tradition was one that we could easily do every year and it would enrich our time celebrating. As each person added their personal “thankful” feather, our turkey became more decorated and became a representation for each family member’s gratitude. Our “Turkey On The Table” is a strong visual reminder of all that we have been thankful for this year and will be a tradition every Thanksgiving.

Kathy Watson

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