Judy’s Taco Salad: Cinco de Mayo Recipe

Judy is my sister-in-law and many years ago she shared this recipe for taco salad that instantly became a family favourite.  Salads were not something that my three boys loved when they were younger, but this one was often requested. Even as adults they will request this salad for family dinners when it is their turn to choose the family dinner menu. 

Judy’s Taco Salad


·     1 lb lean ground beef

·     1 onion, chopped

·     3 tomatoes, chopped

·     1 can of kidney beans – DO NOT THROW AWAY THE JUICE

·     1 c grated cheddar cheese (for DF use cheese of your choice)

·     1-2 heads of chopped lettuce 

·     1 bag of cheesy nacho chips (for GF&DF I use the sea salt or salsa rice chips)

·     ½ c vinegar

·     ½ c sugar (I use less sugar)



1.    Brown beef well with onion – drain as needed

2.    Make dressing and then set aside

·     Blend together the juice from the drained kidney beans, with the vinegar and the sugar

3.    In a bowl combine the drained kidney beans, tomatoes, and lettuce

4.    Just before serving:

·     Add ground beef

·     Add dressing – I do not use all of the dressing so add a bit and then toss the salad. Adjust the amount as needed. The remaining dressing can be stored in the fridge.

5.    Top with grated cheese of your choice and crushed chips (I do not crush the whole bag of chips at once. Crush a couple of handfuls at a time and add more as needed.)

**You could also serve this salad in a tortilla bowl and it would be delicious**

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