Happy Halloween! Tips for Workplace Costumes

The workplace can be a fun place for self-expression on the holidays where dressing up is part of the game. If your company encourages costumes on Halloween, here are a few simple tips to keep it professional.

Not a huge Halloween fan? Look for something simple:

  • Play on words, i.e. “Green with Envy”, using your regular suit and a green shirt or tag that says “envy” in green letters.
  • Play on suiting, i.e. “Clown Suit”, using your regular suit and adding an oversized bow tie or red nose.
  • Play on pop culture, i.e. Going as a TV character who already wears office gear is also helpful – think Jessica or Harvey from “Suits” or any of the Mad Men characters and you’ll be set.

Love to go all out? Keep it professional:

  • Look for coverage – superheroes with complete costumes, all over homemade outfits or good rentals. No half-clothed cavemen, Chippendales, sexy kittens or other skimpy costumes need apply.
  • Look for style – if you can keep it clever, more power to you. Try relating your costume to your industry or a client industry, using the same play on words but amplifying it.
  • Look for ease of use – make sure whatever you choose will function during your day. That complete foam rubber taco costume might be tricky to fit behind your desk when you’re sitting down trying to complete that big proposal.

As always, what you wear says something about you and that includes costumes. Remember the five wardrobe must haves from September, and you’ll be set.

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Katherine Lazaruk

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