Finding Peace In The Present

Anxiety and depression are not as simple as this quote; however, this quote can be a good reminder to live in the present.

Once I started living in the present I was able to keep more grounded, have more energy and be more settled in my thoughts. When I start to think of the future it can be exciting, but I often find myself more anxious and that steals from the present. Living in the past and future had me missing so many of the blessings that were in each day.

When I find myself wound up from a busy day thinking of all the things that need to be done in the future, taking time to meditate and breathe helps me live in the present. If you’re not sure how to start meditating, there are many apps out there that can help with meditation. I really enjoy one called “Calm”. It walks me through the process of letting go of the tension in my body. Once I began meditating, my body began to crave this time and I began to live in the present more often. For me, it is a time of refreshment and I arise reenergized and calm! ☺ 

How do you find peace in the present? Share your thoughts…

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