Faith It Until You Make it!

Over the course of my short time here on this beautiful planet I have learned that we human beings when it has to do with achieving goals, dreams, and aspirations are driven by two factors:

1) Our Faith or 2) Our Fears.  

I’ve also learned that faith is a verb; an action word. The definition of faith is to have complete trust and confidence in….  

The bible defines faith as confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see! 

There’s a famous saying, you may have used it before, I know I have, that states, “fake it, until you make it.” I see you nodding your head. Even if you haven’t said this you may have heard others say it before. I remember growing up as a child I would hear adults say this statement all the time. What was interesting, after the statement was made they would always laugh afterwards. I was very confused because I didn’t see the humor in the statement. Honestly there wasn’t anything funny about the statement until I got older and started using this statement myself. I discovered that the laugher after the statement wasn’t done in humor after all, it was chuckle of doubt. It was a chuckle of disbelief. 

Here are a couple of examples of how people like me may have used “fake it, until you make it”. Example 1) I don’t have enough money to afford… so to look like I have money I’m going to “fake it, until I make it.” 2) I lack a healthy relationship with my wife. So to give an illusion like a healthy relationship exist I am going to “fake it, until I made it.” These two personal examples lead me down the road of disaster eventually falling off a proverbial cliff. 

You may be asking yourself, heck, what is the big deal about “faking it, until you make it?” Using the statement and applying it to your life can easily become a way of thinking then insidiously developing into your new lifestyle. Truth is, anything that negatively impacts your life is a big deal. Frankly, the word “fake” should never be associated with a person of your caliber. 

“Fake” was easy, it allowed me to cut corners, lack personal responsibility, and live in fear while blaming others and other things for the condition of my life. I had the “fake it, until you make it” mind-set for many years not knowing the damage I was doing to my future. Unaware that every time I used this statement I ate from the table of limitations and fear. My inner conversations were fear based. I couldn’t see beyond my current situation and the only way I knew how to deal with it was to fake it a great part of my life.  

Now four years later after my mental transformation it has been faith, positive belief, and believing in endless possibilities that has had a significant impact on my life causing me to changed my approach from “faking it” to now “faithing it”. 

In the last four years since my mental transformation there have been situations where I did not visibly see a way out. My natural eye did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. It appeared that it wasn’t a silver lining in the cloud. It was complete darkness. I experienced rejection, setbacks, disappointments, and hurdles. All of these things can slowly drain enthusiasm from your soul little by little. As recently as a few months ago I had to put my “faith it, until you make it” mind set to work. 

It was time for all the kids to come back home for the summer. Naturally my wife and I were excited. However, what could not be avoided were the feelings of uncertainty. Though the children were coming back home and excitement was in the air, we did not secure a permanent residence for our family as of yet. Our last home was a two bedroom apartment occupied by my wife, her two boys and our baby before we all moved into together myself and my three children. Once our children left for the summer my wife and I knew without a shadow of a doubt it was indeed time to upgrade.  

With all the transitions, we were doing our best to time things perfectly as we could. As life would have it, perfection doesn’t exist. They are now back in Georgia and we haven’t yet found us a new place to stay. After looking and inquiring several properties, rejection for one reason or another became quite common to us. Running out of options for the moment, our only option at that time was staying at a motel. I tell you, this one experience single handedly humbled me more than any other experience I had ever been through. We went from a two bedroom apartment with eight people to a one room motel room with eight people. I must admit that this situation almost broke my spirits. My wife and I applied to several places only to come up with several reasons why we were rejected and, oh yea, an apology to go along with it. The overall attitude of the family was affected. We become short fused with each other. Then one morning my wife prayed and I walked around outside the motel and prayed. What was different this time than any other time, we prayed and believed at the same time for the same desire. It wasn’t idle words; we actually saw our family moving into our new home. We were in sync. At that very moment were driven by our faith and not the fears of rejection. We were not trying to “fake it, until we made it” to get out of the situation. We knew we had to “faith it!” to get out of the situation. 

Later that day, while driving in pretty familiar area my wife asked me to turn into well-known community. She said to me, I know we’ve looked in this community a while ago and we didn’t like what we saw, but let’s try again. I said, okay, if you say so! As soon as we turned into the community, a few short moments later starring us right in our faces was big nice home ready for immediate move in. We were so excited as if we had already moved in. The house was so beautiful. The front, sides, and back lawn was picturesque. The lot was one of the biggest in the community. We were just taken-back. Okay, now it’s time to once again reach out to the contact person to see the house and to take care of all necessary documents to get the ball rolling for our family to move in.  

My wife made the call and scheduled the appointment for the following day. The next day arrives and it’s time to see the house. As soon as we walked into the house I instantaneously feel in love, it was like love at first sight. We felt at home and at peace. We knew that this home was ours. Mentally, we claimed the house to be ours. Our mind would not allow us to see anything different. 

Did we hit a few bumps along the way to secure the house? Of course we did, one of them being a financial hurdle. The lady met with us and we told her how much we loved the house and stressed the need for us to move in. She gave us a deadline for all documents and financial obligations to be turned in. That day came and we came up short, big time. So she gave us an additional week to get things moving. That deadline came and once again we didn’t meet it. My wife looked at me with concern in her eyes and voice not sure if the lady was going to deal with us since we’ve missed each deadline. I said don’t worry the house is ours I promise you that. At that moment it was faith doing all the talking, not fear! After receiving a text from my wife, the lady responded to my wife with a text saying, “I have never done this before, but I am going to take care of the moving expenses to secure the house and you pay me back directly when you get the funds.” After reading the text I was completely speechless and baffled. My wife cried and shed tears of joy. To this day I am still in awe. Although I still get choked up about this miracle I realized that it was our faith that moved us into our beautiful home; one of the biggest homes in the community. Although we were living out of our vehicle and a motel room, when we prayed and believed our faith showed us living in our home. We “faith it, until we made it”. Remember no matter how dark your situation may be, pain is temporary, it doesn’t last. It’s only a minor inconvenience. Everything will fall together. Where you are today is not where you were born to stay.

In my leather journal I have written: 

When fear says no you won’t, Faith says yes you will!

When fear says no you can’t, Faith says yes you can!

When fear says you will fail and taste defeat, Faith says succeeding is your only option!

When fear says you will lose, Faith steps in and says you were born a winner!

You gotta see it, before you see it, or else you will never see it!

Faith It, Until You Make It!

Kashaun Cooper Enterprises
Founder & CEO

Author of “What If I am? The Four Stage in Life”
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