Everything is Connected – Naturally

It started as a typical day of plans, then later, checked to see about some company to a musical event. In this, I failed to connect with that person.

Then I tried to go to dinner at a friend’s restaurant and catch up on news, only to find debris stacked in the parking lot as major renovations were taking shape. I again had failed to connect with that person.

I decided after two no-go initiatives, to dine at a bistro that I had not frequented for a few months and, in a “meant to be” serendipitous moment, ended up sitting at a table next to Tom and Kathy Watson. How cool is that?

My intent here is to explain that while people recognize this type of occurrence as lucky or by chance. I believe that we came together because we all have an unseen connection in the natural order.

Another example is, as Canadians, we like to think of ourselves as automatically connected to the outdoors because of its abundance and beauty.

Even as massive shifts are happening in our lives and the world order, we, the people, flock to oceans, lakes, forests, mountains, green spaces, campgrounds and gardens at every available moment as we all feel the connection to nature and the need to relax.

When we come back to our daily lives, we often look to relax with technology, a far cry from the call of a loon on a calm lake and the smell of the forest.

The good news here is that thanks to the work of Tom, Kathy and some incredibly connected people, we can all learn how to use simple basic tools to bring the natural connection into our everyday lives, even while at work.

These tools help us build resiliency, handle rapid change, and show us how to relax under pressure. Of course, some lush green plants give us a focal point that can be enjoyed all day.

The net result is that with these connections, our entire outlook begins to improve, and we are happier by nature.

Gerald Austin

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