Eat To Hydrate This Spring & Summer!

Spring is here and already this year it just seems hotter than ever!  If you’re a sun lover it’s an awesome time of the year!  However, with all that sun it’s more important than ever to focus on making sure you are consistently getting enough of the old H2O into your body.  Water is the most essential nutrient our bodies need to maintain proper functions and many of us on a normal day don’t get enough of the wet stuff in us, let alone on a hot spring and summer day. 

More than half of our body is water and our bodies use water for pretty much every function – from regulation of temperature to lubricating our joints – to removing toxins from our body – to carrying oxygen to our cells. Water is the gift that keeps on giving as long as we are consciously taking it in and letting it work it’s magic.  If we don’t – well that’s when we start to feel tired, moody and cognitively out of sorts.

While a tall glass of water is probably the best way to stay hydrated many of us just aren’t real big water drinkers.  We’d rather reach for a juice or that cold beer on a warm spring and summer day than we would a glass of water.  The good news is – there are other ways to get hydrated so that you don’t shrivel up like a dry old stinky sprung.  Give some of these options a try!

Eat it up!  Who says you can’t have your water and eat it too?!  If we are eating healthy we can take in approximately 20 % of the needed water intake in a day.  Soups, yogurt, fruits and veggies can really help you stay hydrated without really even knowing your doing so.  So eat it up!

  1. Watermelon – its in the name!  Yes Watermelon is made up of 92% water and it’s a great source of salt, calcium and magnesium as well which is what makes it idea for rehydration.  And… its just fun to eat!
  2. Celery is an often overlooked veggie by many – but did you know that celery stalks are about 95% water.  And they are high in fiber and rich in minerals?  Although celery is not high in nutrients or calories it’s a crunchy little snack that keeps the water flowing through your body.
  3. Cucumbers (although not my personal fav) are composed of 96% water.  No matter how they are sliced and diced they deliver great water consumption for you and also are very high in vitamin K, B6 and iron. 
  4. Strawberries even with out shortcake are sweet treats and perfect for staying hydrated.  With 92% water loading they are packed with vitamin C and loaded with fiber.  One of my favorite summertime treats – they are especially great chilled out of the fridge!
  5. Salad or Lettuce Wraps anyone.  That’s right… Iceberg Lettuce consists of nearly 96% water!
  6. Drink it down – yes even with coffee.  New studies show that although a coffee is a mild laxative the water in the coffee more than offsets the effects of the coffee.  The same goes for tea.
  7. Fat free or skimmed milk.  You may not like drinking water – but many like drinking milk.  Research shows that milk is actually better than water and sports drinks for rehydration and recovery after exercise.  Especially chocolate milk – which should bring a smile to most of your faces!
  8. Sports drinks of course help with the replacement of water and sodium.  In addition the electrolytes and protein included in most of these products allow your body to get back into balance faster that water can after a grueling workout.
  9. Coconut water has hit the market and there’s a reason people go nuts for this tropical drink!  It’s low in carbohydrates but still rich in potassium.
  10. Smoothies are a great way to slurp down your water.  Mixed veggies and fruits with milk and yogurt add in’s allow for more water intake than most people realize.  And they are mm mmm good!

So – there you have it people.  10 foods you can eat to make sure you are keeping yourselves hydrated this spring and summer. 

Now get out there and enjoy the sun and fun of the season!

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