Alphabet Fun

Magnetic letters are a great way to play with the alphabet. You can find letters at your local dollar store. 

·      Use a magnetic wand to “fish” for letters. I’ve used one from a canning kit that I got at the dollar store.

·      Organize letters on a cookie sheet

·      Cover letters with muffin cups and play memory

·      Write the lower-case letters on small plastic cups and match the upper- and lower-case letters

Go Fish or Memory

Go to your local dollar store and purchase two sets of letter cards. Children can play Fish or Memory using alphabet cards.

Go on an Alphabet Hunt or Play I Spy

Choose a letter sound and ask your child to find something that begins with that sound.

Play “BINGO”

Make a “Bingo” board with various letters on it (it will not have the BINGO header like the traditional boards) and then play “Bingo” by randomly drawing letters from your deck of alphabet cards and having your child match it to their board. Bingo boards can be 4-16 squares. You can play where the winner has four corners, the whole board covered, an X or one line.

Phonetic fun

Collect pictures and have your child match or tell you the beginning sound of the image.

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